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American Custom Urns handcrafts quality cremation urns and keepsakes while offering affordable and unique options for every household.  Our products are proudly handmade in the USA.

Scattering Tubes - A Quick Summary

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Scattering Tubes - A Quick Summary

Jacob Holley

With all of the new options for cremated remains, the decision of how to best memorialize your loved one can be a tricky decision. There is no correct answer for everyone, but many people find scattering tubes (or scattering urns) to be the perfect solution.

At ACU, each of our scattering tubes are handmade in our shop. We use premium materials (DymaLux and Hardwoods) and turn them on a lathe. We then bore a hole in the tube prior to spraying a finish (Lacquer) on the hardwoods or buffing the DymaLux.  

We are often asked, "What is DymaLux?" The simple answer to that question is that it is a high-grade laminated wood product that is available in various color patterns. You can often find this material used in items such as pistol grips, gun stocks, pens, and wine stoppers. It is very durable and, if scratched, only requires minor buffing.

Our scattering tubes are our most popular item due to their versatility. Available in two sizes, there is a perfect tube for any application. Large scattering tubes are around 6 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter (hold 3 cubic inches of ash). Small tubes are 4 inches and .75 inches in diameter (hold .5 cubic inches of ash). Either size works great as keepsakes for family members.  For ash scattering ceremonies these compact vessels are ideal as they hold a small amount of ash, making scattering them with dignity an easy task. The fact that they are so compact means that they are ideal for travel. Airline travel with these is also possible as they can be x-rayed--refer to this handy guide for TSA requirements. The plastic lock caps fit securely and relieve concerns about potential spills in transit.

The ability to add customizations to the urn is also a contributing factor for their popularity. Adding a name, dates of life, or a nickname can make each item even more meaningful for loved ones.

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