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American Custom Urns handcrafts quality cremation urns and keepsakes while offering affordable and unique options for every household.  Our products are proudly handmade in the USA.


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The Advantages of Purchasing Urns Online

Jacob Holley

Those of us who have lost loved ones know that the days after such a loss involve a wide range of emotional moments and events.  Many are quickly forced into making a multitude of decisions, often feeling overwhelmed by the gravity and finality of it all.  Traditionally, the family will have to select an urn or casket from the funeral home during those tumultuous hours and are left hoping that they have made a decision that would meet the approval of their loved one.

There are new options available now, with many cremation urns available for purchase online.  One of the primary advantages of looking somewhere other than the funeral home is the wide selection of urns available.  At American Custom Urns, we specialize in handmade wooden box urns, but there are many options available.  With such a wide selection available, you can ensure that you are selecting an urn that is ideal for your loved one.

Another advantage of purchasing a cremation urn online is that you can truly personalize the urn (with more than just a plaque).  ACU offers custom laser engraving andwe also have an artist who does beautifully hand-painted images at your request.  These options often are not available through the funeral home.

One of the primary and most distinctive differences that you will notice immediately is the difference in cost.  By buying directly from a website such as ACU, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, which creates a tremendous amount of savings.  A quick look through our selection will show you that we build far superior urns when compared to those on the shelves of your local funeral home.  When you factor in that our urns are a fraction of the cost, purchasing from ACU becomes an easy decision.

One main reservation that many folks have is that they are worried that they have to purchase an urn and other services from the funeral home or crematorium performing the cremation.  Luckily, this is not the case.  The Federal Trade Commission stipulates that funeral homes cannot refuse certain services or increase the price of those services if you choose to purchase an urn from another business. 

American Custom Urns also ships all urns within 3 business days, ensuring that you will have the urn soon after placing the order.  That is a promise that we stand behind with a money back guarantee. 

With all of the difficult decisions involved in the loss of a loved one, at least one decision will be simple: ordering a custom, hand-made urn from American Custom Urns.